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Treatments & Dental Services

Examination : This involves an assessment of all your tooth surfaces, of the condition of your gums and soft tissues of your mouth and an oral cancer screening. Dr. O'Flynn will advise if and when Xrays are needed and a treatment plan is made to suit your needs.

Children's Dentistry: Dr. O'Flynn examines children regularly and togther with their parents discusses straightening and the need for braces because there is an optimen time for orthodontic treatment making the whole process less time consuming and easier on the child. Maeve also provides fissure sealants which are coatings placed on the first permanent molars and are a great aid to prevention. They do not involve using the drill or anaesthetic for the child. 

Tooth Whitening: With our tooth whitening procedure, you can achieve noticeable results safely, quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. A special tooth whitening gel is used to highten the shade of your teeth giving you a brighter smile. Dr. O' Flynn advises against solutions that can be bought over the internet as illegal solutions can actually cause death of the nerve of the tooth.

Gum Disease: Dr. O'Flynn together with her Hygienist, formulate a treatment plan depending on patient needs, for oral hygiene instruction, fine scaling and deep cleaning. Together they assess and decide on the recall interval suitable for each individual patient. They investigate patients dietary habits, social habits, oral hygiene instruction needs and formulate an oral home care plan that is suitable.

Fillings: Both amalgam fillings and white fillings are provided. Fillings restore lost tooth structure due to decay and broken teeth. White fillings are mostly used nowadays as materials have become better and stronger through research and these are more aesthetically pleasing to the patient. Dr. O'Flynn regularly attends dental conferences and hands on courses in order to stay ahead on all the latest developments.

Crowns: A crown is done when a tooth can no longer be restored with a filling because it is too broken down or if a tooth has poor aesthetics due to discolouration. Dr. O'Flynn will assess each case individually and decide what is the most suitable crown for each patient to help create a beautiful smile. 

Bridges: A bridge is done to replace a missing tooth by using the adjactant teeth as supports. They are fixed and do not have to be removed at night. By filling the gap with a bridge, you can avoid the need for dentures.

Veneers: A veneer as the name implies is used when a tooth is unsightly and discoloured. A very tiny amount of enamel is removed from the front surface and a laboratory constructed porcelain facing is bonded to the tooth. Again depending on the bite, not all patients are suitable for porcelain veneers so Dr. O'Flynn carefully selects cases where this can be a successful treatment.

Root Canals: Root Canal treatment is done when a tooth nerve dies due to decay or trauma.

Dentures: Full or partial dentures in acrylic or cobalt chrome are provided following assessment of need and patient discussion.